Anavil Samaj Australia

I migrated to Sydney - Australia in March 1988. After initial personal and professional settling in to the new county, I was involved in the Telugu community activities where I served as a founder committee member, secretary, treasurer and committee member of the Telugu association in subsequent years. When I first came in contact with Ramanbhai Naik; in one of the social gathering he came to know about my involvement elsewhere in the community activities; he was pushing me to form the Anavil Samaj which I could not do it during his life time due to limited Anavils in the community.

I was juggling with various formal/informal models to bring existence of the Samaj and In the following years when the size of the community grew from two to four, and four to fourteen, the birth of an organized body by name Anavil Samaj took place in 2002 under the NSW Incorporate ACT. and I could pay tribute to the departed soul – Ramanbhai Naik. An interim committee consisting of Dr Saryu R Desai , Interim Chair / Founder President, Mr. Devang Desai, Treasurer, and Mr. Bakul Desai, Secretary was set up to work on the constitution and other Samaj related activities.

The key objective in establishing such a body is to preserve the Anavils migration history in Australia; and also to maintain the group homogeneous culture, value system, language, festivals, food habits and community uniqueness in a diversified multicultural community in Australia. It is also envisioned that such a body can provide support to future community migrants in Australia.